YAKIN DOĞU DENİZ ACENTELİĞİ A.Ş. is a company with longstanding traditions, the roots going back to 1923, when founded as 'Scandinavian Near East Shipping Agency', better known on the market with its shortened cable address of 'SNEAL Istanbul' which still in use today. The Company was converted into a Turkish Corporation by shares in 1971 and the name was changed into its present denomination of "YAKIN DOĞU DENİZ ACENTELİĞİ A.Ş. (Near East Shipping Agency S.A.).

The target has always been to provide comprehensive and high quality services in the shipping agency sector to foreign and Turkish principals who have high requirements from their agents. This is why the perfect knowledge of the shipping agency matters together with high professional skills has always been primary characteristics of the company's personnel. The Company's set-up in Turkey consists of headquarters in central Istanbul, a port office in Haydarpaşa and Derince.

The range of ships regularly handled by the agency goes from small Turkish coaster ships to Ro/Ro and car-carrier ships, container vessels, large LNG/LPG carriers, general cargo ships and under-water seismic research ships. Thereby the types of cargoes handled are also ranging widely from small palletised and break-bulk parcels to containers, heavy transformers, cars, trucks, earthmoving machines, rail wagons, natural gas and petroleum derivate products, etc. Paper and forestry products in particular have been by tradition typical cargoes handled since the early days of our Company, about 80 years ago.

YAKIN DOĞU DENİZ ACENTELİĞİ A.Ş. has aimed by policy and tradition to establish and maintain long term relations with the principals and the clients, rather than short terms or spot business relations.

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